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Here's Why

1. I bet with your hectic schedule you rarely have time to dust baseboards, wipe down appliances or even wash the floors. It probably isn't even something you really think about anymore because you know you just simply don't have the time. I feel this way, but when I walk into the kitchen to grab a quick bite and notice I'm walking on crumbs and dirt, it's very irritating and I wish that SOMEONE would clean it! That someone, is us! :)

2. I disinfect the countertops, I do laundry and I vacuum, but who does all of the other things? Most people who are honest with themselves will admit that they don't clean the toilet often (especially on the sides and near the bottom), they will admit that the appliances hardly every get disinfected, and they may even admit that the shower hasn't been cleaned in months. I know that it's hard to get to everything but at least admit this; when those things get done it feels SO GOOD, Right!? Hiring us to come once a week, HECK even once a month, to get EVERYTHING cleaned will not only take some chores off of your plate but it will give you a sense of relief knowing that your house and everything in it is ALWAYS clean.

3. Whenever you hire us to clean for you, after a time or two, we won't be strangers anymore and you don't have to worry about new people getting sent over. Eventually, we will all just be one big happy CLEAN family!

4. Cash, Checks... even Credit Cards!? 😮 We give you the option to pay via Paypal, Cash App and a bank transfer as well. **3% Credit Card Fee May Apply**

5. Insured. I know it's great to hire a non legitimate "company" "person" because they're cheaper but do you know what cheaper means? It usually means not bonded, not insured, and not licensed. They can come into your house and leave with everything but your house and if you can't track them down, you just lost thousands of dollars. They could come into your home and break your extremely rare and very expensive china cabinet and not have the insurance to replace/repair it. When you hire us, we show up in company vehicles, in our company shirts, with our company insurance. We offer a 24-Hour Customer Satisfaction Guarantee which means if you notice that something was missed during a cleaning you have 24 hours to let us know and get it corrected. A closed mouth does not get fed.

6. A friendly face. How often do you mean the HBIC of a company? Let me re-phrase, how often do you meet the person in charge like the owner or co-owner of a company? You don't BUT with us, you do! We like to be personable with all of our customers and be sure we meet all of their needs and expectations. If there is an issue and the crew leader on the job cannot get it resolved, the co-owner, Jessica, will step in and make sure everyone is happy. If Jessica cannot resolve the issue, last but not least, Sarah, the owner, will step in and work her magic.

So... tell me....

What's your excuse now?

But, why get on a regular schedule?


Dirt Never Stops.

Traffic comes in and out whether you're in your home, office, anywhere.

Compare it to this:

You have laundry piling up and you keep telling yourself "I'll do it later, I'll do it tomorrow" and finally one morning as you're getting dressed, you realize you don't have any clean pants and every pair has already been worn twice because of your procrastination problem. What do you do?

You now have five extra large loads of laundry to do, throw them in the washer, remember to put them in the dryer, THEN you have to fold it all. It's turned into an all day event when it could have been just an hour and a half. You wouldn't have dirty clothes all over the floor, you wouldn't have to go to work without pants on and all in all, your day would have been way better.


Stay on top of the dirt and it won't ever be a problem. It will remain smelling and looking fresh, cob webs will be slim to none which keeps bugs away, crumbs will be slim to none which keeps bugs away, areas will get disinfected more often which means less germs which means less sickness. Once one person get's sick everyone around them usually catches that bug too. It's basically all about BUGS.

But honestly, it's easier to stay on top of cleaning if it doesn't get past a certain point. High traffic area's need cleaned more often, it's plain and simple. I'll impress you and you impress your guests!

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