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Terms and Conditions

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Number one: In almost every single situation, it takes more than ONE cleaning to get your home (or business) to the condition us (and you) would like it to be in. Yes, the first cleaning will absolutely be the longest but that doesn’t mean we can get your home (or business) spotless with only that one cleaning. Please keep this in mind when you do a walk through after we are finished. It is much less stressful for everyone if all parties understand that perfection on the first try is highly unlikely. As much as we would love to have a slumber party with you and clean for 12 hours straight, we won’t. This is why we recommend having us in your home (or business) on a monthly basis at the LEAST. Every time we clean, it gets closer and closer to being the house with the freshest air on the block. Remember, we are humans too and if cleaning your own home is overwhelming for you, imagine how nerve wracking it is for us trying to get it as perfect as possible.

  2. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning, before leaving bad feedback, give us the opportunity to make it right. Your house is not complete until you are informed of its completion, please don’t assume areas were missed if the cleaners are still actively working.

  3. The customer must state what additional services they want done prior to us cleaning their home. This is because specific equipment is brought along on the job that usually isn’t unless requested in advance. Example, inside of the fridge, oven, carpet cleaning or inside window cleaning.

  4. Pricing will remain the same for all future cleanings with the exception of any agreed changes. (i.e. adding additional services or square footage).

  5. If you choose to have us clean regularly, you get a discount. The first clean is ALWAYS a deep clean at $90+ an hour.

  6. All equipment and supplies are provided by Choice Cleaning Pros and are cleaned before and after every use.

  7. Please call us in advance to arrange for us to get into your home if it will be vacant.

  8. Small furniture and objects that aren't difficult to move will be moved for vacuuming and cleaning. We will not move large, heavy objects due to the possibility of it getting damaged or damaging the floor beneath it. Glass cabinets and/or curio cabinets will not be moved by Choice Cleaning Pros and precious/irreplaceable/valuable items inside the glass cabinets will not be moved/cleaned.

  9. *The area(s) being cleaned must have hot water, electricity, and heat turned on and working properly.

  10. Pets: Please let us know of any special instructions regarding your pet(s) that will be in the home or facility at the time of cleaning. For their safety and ours, any aggressive pets need to be properly caged or removed until the cleaning is finished.

  11. Bodily Fluids: Unfortunately, we are unable to clean up bodily fluids (human or animal). This includes excessive amount of urine, any fecal matter, vomit and blood. We do not have the industrial equipment, supplies or training for that. Even though we are unable to do the job, there is another trustworthy company we can refer you to. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  12. If there are any time changes or cancellations, please give us a call as soon as you are aware of them and we will do our best to accommodate you. A $50 cancellation fee is applied to your next bill if we are not given at least a 72 hour notice prior to your cleaning if cancelling.

  13. For best cleaning results please remove clutter from the floor and all areas being cleaned (this includes kid's toys, dishes in kitchen sink, and clothing on the floor).

  14. Carpet cleaning is NOT guaranteed to remove all stains.

  15. Wall washing is NOT guaranteed to remove all stains. For best results, furniture and wall decor must be taken down/moved in rooms where wall-washing is requested. Choice Cleaning Pros will not be responsible for moving customers belongings due to the risk of damaging them. We are not responsible for fading paint.

  16. Baseboard cleaning. All baseboards are dusted during every cleaning (deep cleans and regular cleans). During a deep clean they are hand washed. If you're wanting your baseboards washed by hand during a regular clean that must be requested (for an additional charge) and that is not guaranteed to remove all stains. We are not responsible for fading/chipping paint.

  17. If payment has not already been arranged, cash or check must be left in a visible spot before cleaning can begin. If paying with a credit card/debit card, please let us know prior to your clean. You will be emailed an invoice that is paid online if using a credit card or bank transfer. *When paying online, there is a 3% fee*

  18. If breakage or damage occurs during your cleaning, we will make sure that the item gets replaced or you will receive compensation for it.

  19. Please let us know of any special requests you may have prior to us cleaning (. i.e. cleaning TV screens and windows are things that are not done unless requested).

  20. Refrigerator cleaning (inside): Please have your fridge as empty as possible. Full fridges may result in additional charges as we will have to remove and replace items adding to the cleaning time. If you want outdated condiments or fuzzy leftovers discarded please relay instructions to do so.

  21. Oven interior: Please use your oven’s self-cleaning function the night before your scheduled cleaning, if applicable. If your oven does not have this feature, please pre-treat with oven cleaner overnight.

  22. **Laundry** We will wash your clothes/linens while we are at your home, we can usually get 1 (one) load done while we clean your house. If you want laundry done you must leave instructions for washing and drying. If you want multiple loads done you will pay for the time we are in your home doing laundry.

  23. As a customer you have a 24-Hour Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your cleaning, you have 24 hours to contact us and let us know of the issue(s). If you do not make us aware of any issues we are unable to make it right. We are human and it’s possible something can be missed. It is our responsibly to make it right. A closed mouth does not get fed. If you're present during your cleaning please do your best to bring up any issues you might have before the crew has left. This is why we do final walk-troughs. Thank you.


For questions or concerns, please call the office at 216-855-8148. Thank you.

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