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Who Are We?

Choice Cleaning Pros is family owned and operated. This is our story. At just 12 years old, the owner, Sarah Fanara, cleaned a few homes a week to save money to purchase new clothes, shoes and to pay her cell phone bill. She did this until she was 24 years old while working 2-3 other full time jobs. At 24, she took the risk and started her own cleaning business. All was going well but she knew the business was missing something. One day, another amazing woman came along, her name is Jessica. Sarah and Jessica quickly became great friends and once they put their heads together, ANYTHING became possible. Even through the tough times of the shutdown during COVID-19, they came out strong, building this company and are becoming bigger and better than ever. Nothing will ever stop these two amazing women from achieving their goals, putting their heads together and conquering the world. 

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