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What We Do & Where We Do It


  1. If there are welcome mats or front door decor, they’re straightened out and tidied.

  2. Front doors on both sides are wiped down and glass is polished (if applicable).

  3. All trash receptacles are emptied and liners replaced.

  4. The reception counter is wiped down with disinfectant along with the phone and desk. Coffee table or other similar furniture in the room is wiped down as well.

  5. Magazines and coffee tables are straightened to look presentable.

  6. Tables, chairs, lamps, window shades, vents, and other surfaces are dusted.

  7. Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop the floors.

Cubicles & Offices

  1. Shelves, cabinets, and other hard surfaces are dusted.

  2. Empty trash receptacles and replace liners.

  3. Computer monitors and keyboards are dusted, as well as other computer equipment (if requested).

  4. With disinfectant, desks are wiped down (if requested) along with phone and chair arms (if applicable).

  5. Any office kitchenware (plates, utensils, mugs, etc.) is collected and returned to the kitchen.

  6. HVAC vents are dusted.

  7. If there are windows, window blinds/shades are dusted as well as the window sills.

  8. Window glass is polished (if requested) along with any other glass surfaces.

  9. Vacuum or sweep and mop the floors.

Kitchen/Break Area:

  1. Countertops are wiped down and disinfected.

  2. Items on the countertop are straightened and made presentable.

  3. Outside of coffee maker is cleaned.

  4. Trash and recycling receptacles are emptied and liners are replaced.

  5. Sink and faucet are cleaned with disinfectant.

  6. Vacuum or sweep and mop floors.

  7. Interior of refrigerators can be cleaned at an additional charge.


  1. Trash receptacles are emptied, liners are replaced and sanitary napkin dispensers are disinfected.

  2. Sinks, paper towel dispensers, and/or hand-dryers are disinfected.

  3. Toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers are cleaned and disinfected.

  4. Toilet bowl is scrubbed and disinfected.

  5. Mirrors are cleaned and polished.

  6. Refill toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers (if applicable).

  7. Sweep and mop floors with disinfectant solution.

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